Rene Strong Rebonding and Neutralizer Cream 500ml x 2

-24% Rene Strong Rebonding and Neutralizer Cream 500ml x 2

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Rene Strong Rebonding and Neutralizer Cream 500ml x 2

Product Description

Rene Strong Straightening Cream is a unique and precision haircare formula recommended for all hair types for it's superb curl and fizzy straightening performance and hair manageability. The result will be more beautiful, smoother and shiner hair.

Straightening No.1


  • Without shampooing start treatment at back of the head to lengths and ends at about 1cm away from scalp.
  • Do not cover or apply heat. Leaves for 12 to 30 minutes depending on the hair types. Comb through with non-metalic combs.
  • Rinse the hair thoroughly after determination time.
  • Apply neutralizer. Refer to instructions of neutralizing cream.
  • Warning: Do not use if scalp is irritated, has sores, abrasion or any other abnormal condition.


Water, Lanolin, Hydroxyethyl Cetylidimonium Phosphate,Thiogycolic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Monoethanolamine, EDTA, Ammonia, Cetearyl Alcohol-Ceteareth-33, Methyl Paraben, Mineral Oil, Fragrance, Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth-20. 

Size: 500ml


Neutralizing No.2

Recommended to use along with Rene Straightening Cream to achieve optimum results.


  • When the development time of Straightening Cream is over, rinse hair thoroughly.
  • Apply neutralizer evenly onto the hair. allow to develop for 10 minutes before combing. Rinse hair throughly. Towel dry and proceed to setting.
  • The hair must not be coloured on the same day.
  • A second straightening treatment should not be made within one week.


Sodium Bromate, Mineral Oil, Stearic Acid, Methyl Paraben, Cetylstearyl Alcohol, Deionized, Perfume, Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth-20.

Size: 500ml


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