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Contour Palette -24%
Description: Sculpt and define best-selling kit of six blendable shades—three for highlightin..
RM50.00 RM38.00
Empty Liquid Bottle BS-205 - 1000ml -30%
Description: - Reusable,refillable and eco-friendly,excellent for DIY body lotions,essen..
RM5.00 RM3.50
Lip Palette -24%
Description: It come with 15 professional lip palette with shades ranging from primaries and ..
RM50.00 RM38.00
Meiko Cologn Top Concealer -30%
Description: Provides great coverage for skin. It's long lasting and you only need to apply a..
RM50.00 RM35.00
Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide Eyebrow card helper/guide -33%
Description : Creates desired style of brow. Drawing guide in special material that won’t get..
RM6.00 RM4.00
Nova Eyebrow Stamp for Perfect Eyebrow Korea Style -50%
Description: Brand new and high quality Easy to draw the eyebrow Creat the na..
RM30.00 RM15.00
Triple Layer Professional Eyeshadow Palette Set -13%
Includes: 1) 78 Eyeshadow Platte 2) 6 Shading Powder 3) 4 x Eyeshadow Applicator..
RM75.00 RM65.00
Triple Layer Professional Eyeshadow Palette Set (Including Lipstick Platte) -13%
Includes: 1) 48 x Eyeshadow Platte 2) 6 x Concealer Platte 3) 3 x..
RM75.00 RM65.00
Waterproof Crayon Eyebrow Pencil -20%
Description: High quality and brand new, can serve for a long time; This is easy to use, ..
RM15.00 RM12.00
Yanyanxi Eyebrow Platte -28%
Description: This eyebrow kit with  filling powder, and highlighter masters the ultimate..
RM25.00 RM18.00
Yanyaxi 24 Hours Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil (Made in Taiwan) -28%
Description: Yanyaxi 24 hours long lasting Eyebrow Pencil can instantly shapes, defines &..
RM25.00 RM18.00
Yanyaxi Eyebrow pencil (Made in Taiwan) -40%
Description: It is waterproof and provide silky smooth eyebrow pencil fills in, defines and s..
RM25.00 RM15.00
Yanyaxi Liquid Eyeliner (Made in Taiwan) -33%
Description: Extra Black,long lasting & waterproof liquid eyeliner.Continuous flow for sm..
RM30.00 RM20.00
Yanyaxi Magic Eyes Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner -44%
Easy to draw, smooth lines, thick black and long lasting. Description: Superfine, smooth ..
RM50.00 RM28.00
Yanyaxi Ultra Thin Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil 0.15MM -20%
Description: A long-wearing brow pencil with a stanted, chiseled tip that lets your softly fi..
RM25.00 RM20.00