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African Formula Marula Hair Treatment Oil - 100ml -34%
Description: Pure marula oil's high oleric acid content lets oil deeply absorb into haur shal..
RM150.00 RM99.00
ARIMINO PEACE Prodesign Series Moist Milk 200ml -11%
Description: Great style, greater quality. This unique serum serves as a styling base to help..
RM83.00 RM74.00
Arimino Spice Mist Gloss Water -11%
Ideal for straight hair prone to tangles. Description: Spice mist is a mist type for hair..
RM66.00 RM59.00
Arimino Spice Mist Moisture -11%
Ideal for dry and damaged hair. Description: Spice mist is a mist type for hair control...
RM66.00 RM59.00
Arimino Spice Sisters Freeze Wax -23%
Description Arimino Spice Sisters Freeze Wax is a style with creamy wac (make up styling). Fr..
RM65.00 RM50.00
Arimino Spice Water Shining Straight - For dry and damaged hair. -11%
What it is: Arimino Spice Water Shining Straight is for dry and damaged hair caused by perm, ha..
RM74.00 RM66.00
Confume Argan Gold Treatment Hair Mist - Ideal for all type hair -20%
Product Features   The best argan oil for hair ! This mist type hair treatment i..
RM45.00 RM36.00
Excell Silk Intensive -17%
Description: For scalp purify & balancing Specially formulated to treat damaged hair prob..
RM24.00 RM20.00
Hair Capsules - Prevent Split Ends -20%
Description: Absorbs quickly to strengthen and repair the appearance of skin for a visibl..
RM20.00 RM16.00
JS (28) Essential Oil -68%
Description: A unique and effective formula which penetrates the hair shaft to give it protec..
RM38.00 RM12.00
JS (34) Crystal Repair Serum -28%
Description Specially developed to repair damaged hair and split-ends. This serum is a leave-in..
RM25.00 RM18.00
JS (43) Get Control Volumizing (Ideal for volume & shine) -40%
Description: A caring hair treatment formulation that enables outer hair follicle to form a p..
RM42.00 RM25.00
JS (60) Essential Oil -53%
Description Prefer to style hair with natural oils. Hair feels brittle, lacks luster and looks ..
RM38.00 RM18.00
JS 3D OIL NO.1 (37) -50%
Description: 3D oil for instant smoothing transformation with shine effect in one step. ..
RM30.00 RM15.00
KASA Charcoal Nourishing Cream - Ideal for chemical/damage hair,smothers & conditions -25%
Description: Derrived from the center of seaweed stems gathered ftom thr Mediterranean Sea,it..
RM60.00 RM45.00