Ion Beauty Device (KD-9050)

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Ion Beauty Device (KD-9050)

Moisturizing, Alleviates eye pouches, dark circles and wrinkles, Nutrients 


1. Replenish electricity to cell & enhance cell vigor. 
2. repair elastic fibers & reduce crow's-feet. 
3. Enhance skin moisture content, moisturizing and skin tendering. 
4. Resolve pigment, fade black eye and spot etc. 
5. Lead-in essence and replenish nutrition. 
6. Install relieve fatigue & remit discomfort of eyes.Characteristic:
1. SIO-electric current, safe and effective2. Special design vibrating frequency for eye relaxing3. Easy & convenient use with one-key control

Ion Lead-in Vibration

Increasing the absorption of serum by 4 times!Regain healthy and transparent skin!

Ion Leading in nutrition,which is famous and popular used in Europe and America around 30 years.Ion leading-in adopts from the Galvanic current to ionize nutrition then further lea into deep skin rapidly resulting in more healthy and transparent skin.

Nutrition leading in is to make the water soluble nutrients penetrate into the deep layer of skin more effectively,provide nutrition to the skin directly,resolve the pigment and the pigment of deposited areas effectively,give the effects of deep-level fat smashing,skin tightening,sliminating of the excessive fat of the face.It also can ionize the whitening&anti-wrinkles essence applied on the skin to further permeate the active ingredients into the deep skin layer and achieve better absorptions.In summary,it is with the effects as following:Improve nutrition absorption,repair fibrous tissue and regain skin elasticity.

The working principles is based on the theory of being repulsive for like charges and attractive for unlike charges.The ions will make oriented movements with the cations flowing from anode to cathode while the anions flowing from cathode to anode.By means of the repulsive force of like ions,it can lead-in the nutrient into deep layer of skin and present a silky smooth feeling.Under its effect,the essence or herbal solution will penetrate into the skin,enhance the absorption of the skin and fulfill the purpose of skin care and treatment.


  1. Applying suitable serum or mask on the face after cleaning.
  2. install a AA battery in the device and cover the battery cover.
  3. Switch on the device,hold the conductive metal bar and move the lead-in head on the face.
  4. Operating as show on the figure with each operation repeat 3 times.10 minutes preferred.
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